Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The following policy is regarding the data that we collect on our servers, apps, and from our advertisers and other affiliates associated with CAMFECT.

What information do we collect?

The type of information that we collect varies from user to user based on how you interact with our services. You can find out about the information that we have collected that pertains to you by visiting our settings page. Here you are able to access, update, and delete the information that we have on file.

General type of data collected are the types of content you upload, your communication with other users, what kind of advertisements you click on, and how you interact with our advertisers once you are on their website.


We collect data regarding how you interact with other things on our servers, like the type of content you view and interact with, what features you prefer, other accounts that you associate with, and how often you use our services.


We collect data regarding the people, pages and accounts you interact with, the hashtags you use, the video you like watching, and how you interact with other services that we provide. Information is also collected on any materials that you upload, including pictures, content, and what type of device the information is being uploaded from. We may also collect things like the address book, call log, and cell phone carrier when content is uploaded from a mobile phone. This data is collected in order to help connect you with people that you know who also use our services.

Transaction Information

When making a financial transaction while using our services, we may collect information about the purchase such as credit card information, credit card numbers, shipping and billing addresses, contact information, purchase amount, payment recipient, and authentication codes.

Information about you

The content we receive when other people use our services may include information about you. Examples of this are when you are mentioned in a post, when you comment on content on another user’s account, when you exchange messages with another user, when another user shares your post, or when you exchange personal information with another user.

Device Information

Data is collected from any type of device that connects to our server, including computers, mobile phones, tablets, connected televisions, and other devices connected to the internet. The information collected from each of these devices is combined to be the same across all devices that you use to access our services. This is done to minimize the showing of irrelevant ads and to more accurately analyze how you interact with the ads that you chose to click on.

Obtained information includes:

  • What kind of operating system you use, the versions of hardware and software that are currently being used, battery life, strength of signal, available device storage, type of browser being used, and what kind of plugins are on your device.
  • Data regarding to your device settings that must be turned on manually like GPS, camera, and video recorder.
  • Network connections, the name of your mobile carrier, time zones, IP addresses, information about nearby devices.
  • All the data from our cookies that has been stored on your device like settings and log in information. You can learn more about how we use cookies in our privacy policies.
  • The kinds of operations used on your device, mouse movements, which windows are active and which are in the background, and certain types of navigation techniques that can distinguish how a bot interacts online as opposed to a human.
  • Identifiers such as device ID, user names and passwords from apps, games and accounts that you use, and other types of unique ID’s.
  • Signals on your device such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection, nearby access points and cell phone towers.

Partner Information

Our partners and affiliates, including advertisers and app developers, can send us information through the services they use of ours. These partners may give us information about your activities on their websites or any other website their cookies have collected data on. This information may include the type of purchases you make and how much you spent, the kind of website you frequent, information about the devices you use, what types of accounts you have online, and how you interact with those accounts. This information is used to help us create a better experience for you while you are using our services by providing you with things that interest you.

How is this information used?

This collected information is used to help personalize and improve your experience while interacting with the ads on our servers. This information can help us to personalize what kind of content to show you and what kind of suggestions we can make for you based on your interests. For example, if one of our affiliates sells shoes, we can suggest several shoes groups for you to join and interact with.

To be able to offer this service that is unique to you, the sharing of collected information is necessary to make sure the content offered is relevant to you. We may also use collected data like comments and pictures to help tailor ads suited towards you. For example, if you comment on the picture of another user who just went on a vacation, we may provide you with ads regarding travel agencies or hotels in that area.

Information on our servers and other devices:

We may connect the information from one device to another that is used when exploring our services in order to make a seamless experience for you. We want you to have access to the same content and ads no matter what device or server you are using, even when you switch between devices and servers.

Location information:

We use information such as your current location, where you are from, where you live, the places you are interested in travelling to, and businesses near your current location in order to personalize your experience and to improve our service. For example, if we can discern where you are currently at, we can suggest nearby businesses for you to visit or landmarks for you to explore.

Research and development:

We use the collected information to help develop and improve our services. Sometimes this includes conducting research and surveys, testing new features, and troubleshooting problem areas.

Some of the information we collect about you, including your interests, the interactions and connections you make online, and the content you view, helps us to personalize ads, offers and other content that may appear to you when using our services. We also use this information, including the activities and interactions you engaged in while on one of our affiliate websites, to help advertisers and our other sponsors measure how effective their ads are and how to properly distribute their ads and services by understanding what types of people their products and services appeal to.

This collected information is also used to verify that you are using your account correctly and properly, that it is actually you logged in to your account, to protect you from harmful conduct from other users, detecting and preventing spam, and to promote a safe and secure experience while you use our services.

This information is used to share marketing communication with you so you can learn about their products and services and to make you aware of the terms and conditions. Your information also helps us respond when you contact us.

Our terms and conditions have been put into place to protect CAMFECT, our affiliates, and our users from harmful or malicious content and to be used as a set of guidelines on how to behave while using our services. If you do not agree to our terms and conditions, you are forfeiting your right to use out services. If you have any questions regarding these terms and services, please feel free to contact us.